About us

Welcome to Snap N Study, founded on the basis of learners being able to access on demand help from highly qualified experienced tutors.

Students of all abilities and levels would have different learning curves. Promoting deeper level thinking, our tutors draw upon this important point and cater to student led questions at their pace.

Education inequality goes hand in hand with financial earnings of students’ household income. Experiencing the lack of one to one teaching in the class, our objective is to provide a fairer playing field for learners, custom to their needs and budget.

Engaging the students to redefine learning and empowering them through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning.

How it works?

Ever needed that last minute help? Have a deadline the following morning?

Snap N Study are here to help, with access and help from highly qualified and vetted tutors. Simply follow the steps and get started within minutes.

Step 1

Download the app, register and get verified.

Step 2

Snap and post your question and set your time limit and price budget.

Step 3

Receive bids from verified tutors and select by comparing reviews, prices and profiles.

Step 4

Follow the tutors’ step by step answer to your question, once satisfied, pay and leave feedback.

For Students

  • Get instant help with any question from on demand tutors, that’s right within minutes.
  • Affordable to accommodate to your budget, no minimum hourly fees!
  • Put yourself in charge and learn at the pace you want.
  • Stay on top of your learning with our verified tutors, who are highly qualified and vetted to our high standards.
  • Diverse range of tutors covering a variety of subjects at all levels.
  • Peace of mind that your learning is in good hands.

For Tutors

  • The ability to empower learners, give them the confidence to excel!
  • Redefine learning through bitesize teaching.
  • Earn good money and get paid per question unlike conventional tutoring.
  • Flexible hours, ideally work whenever it suits you at any time of day.
  • Teach from anywhere, comfort of your home or in a coffee shop.
  • Sign up in just minutes, upload your supporting documents and make a difference!

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